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About the Program

CyberOffice Accounting Import (CyberAccount) is an ActiveX Control that extracts and converts the Exported Orders from CyberOffice Shopping Cart (CyberShop) into files that can be imported into an Accouting System. , Every time you visit this page, The program is updated automatically if there is a newer version. You may save the page to your local hard disk for quicker access. CyberShop version 3.2.9 is required for full compatibility.

The conversion is available for a number of popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and MYOB.

Accounting Software Developer: Contact SmartWin Technology to get your system implemented and listed here.

Operation Instruction

Input File: Specify the file that is exported from CyberShop --> List of Orders. It is recommended that you save the exported information as "CSV" type so that browsers won't make errors (IE has a bug when saving as "TXT" file).

Microsoft Excel may launch itself within the browser to display the data, which however, does not handle the CSV format by default. Follow the steps to correct the problem:

  • Click on the "A" column to highlight the entire column.
  • From Window's Menu, click Data -> Text to Columns -> "Delimited" -> "Comma" -> Finish.
  • Then File -> Save As -> Select "CSV (Comma delimited)(*.CSV)" as the "Save as type".

Output File: Specify the file that contains the coverted data to be imported into your accouting system. It is recommended that you name it as a "CSV" file (or IIF for QuickBooks).

Accounting Package: Select an accounting package relevant to you from the list box.

Import Currency: This is the Currency Symbol specified under Shop Manager --> Global/System Settings. It tells the Conversion Program to take out the symbol before manipulating the data. The output currency is defaulted to your local PC setting.

Import Date Format: This is the Date Format when you export the data from Shop Manager --> List of Orders. It tells the Conversion Program how to intepret the date information in the input file. The output date is formatted to your local PC setting.

Tax Collector: The appropriate government division that collects the due tax, e.g. Washington State Dept. of Revenue.

Tax Rate: The appropriate state/government tax rate, e.g. 8.60% (for Washington).

Field Mapping: This is a file that you export from Shop Manager --> Custom Messages. It tells the Conversion Program how to restore the default definitions of various fields that you have renamed. This will ensure that correct fields are found and go to the right columns.

Generic Customer Name: Quickbooks only allows you to have 15,000 customer names in your address book. When you exceed this, you cannot import any more customers.  Specify a customer name, e.g. "Customer", to work around the limit. This won't cause much trouble because both the billing and delivery lines contain the real customer names. And the Invoice Number is unique to each order. This saves you $3,500 upgrade fee (to 29,000 customers).

Note: If you are using an old shopping_cart.mdb, create manually a StateTax field (Type: Currency) in the Orders table to hold the information.

QuickBooks: Please specify the Sales Account for each product in Shop Manager --> Inventory Manager --> Details.


  Last Updated: August 27, 2003

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