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About the Program

CyberOffice Batch Email (CyberMail) is an ActiveX Control that extracts email addresses and other personal information from an MS Access database then sends personalized contents to the recipients, similar to the mail merge function in MS Word when creating batch letters. It is provided for the convenience and as an alternative of sending news letters in CyberOffice Club.

SmartWin Technology strictly forbids uses of CyberOffice Batch Email in any spamming activities.

Operation Instruction

First time user, please download and install JMAIL, free from Dimac (

1) The program starts by asking for the Email Server that is called to send the emails. Typically this is the Outgoing SMTP email server specified in your daily Outlook Express (or other POP3 client programs). If the server requires authentication, the syntax to pass that information is: login:password@mailserver:25

It then asks for the Access Database in which the email addresses can be found.

If your data are in another format, e.g. Excel, Text, or SQL Server, link them into an Access file.

2) CyberMail scans through and identifies all the available Tables and Queries that contain a column named "Email". If your email field is not called "Email", you should construct a Query to rename it to "Email". Select a Table (Query)  to continue.

Tip: Use the query tool in the database to pick selective records from a table, e.g. those with MailingList field ticked.

3) You can then specify a template for the email body from an RTF (rich text format) file. In the template file, you specify any tag (element to be read off the table) by  #fieldname#, where fieldname identifies the column whose content is to be inserted before sending the email.

4) Specify a file attachment if any. Fill in the various boxes as appropriate.

5) Click on a row in the table (query) as the first entry to start the batch (typically the first row).

Apart from sending batch emails, CyberMail can conveniently edit and send a single email to a single recipient. This is useful when you want to modify a little bit the template for a specific recipient.

Emails are sent as HTML if the body contains <HTML> and </HTML>, otherwise they will be plain text. So do not try anything fancy with formatting the RTF contents, they will not be used.


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