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At SmartWin, we make it possible for you to run eBusiness in your own terms. The unique eCommerce platform takes care of all the leg works of standard functions, leaving you a user-friendly template to simply adopt or customize. 
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CyberOffice Shopping Cart US$99

A program that can be added to any Web site/pages, with a few lines of HTML codes. A feature-oriented and self-contained eCommerce tool, handles every aspect of online/offline sales (and after sales) within a browse-based shop manager.

The software is fully real-time & database driven.  Advanced features include inventory monitoring, integrated coupon, loyalty rewards, anti-fraud, volume discount, invoicing, customer service, Triple-DES encryption and much more.

CyberOffice Warehouse Builder US$335

An online store builder that can handle millions of items. Batch upload your own product data of any format into an underlying database on the server. The program then takes care of the rest. It comes with a handy WYSIWYG  editor, and a full Web-based backend management plus database level interface to any external systems. Includes auction, feedback, warranty modules etc. 

The program is ideal for large numbers of products and heavy traffic. You can maintain a centralized database to serve a number of storefronts, on their own domains, with each having its own look and store-level pricing markups.

CyberOffice Franchise & Shopping Mall US$450

An integrated multiple-vendor, multiple-storefront Shopping Mall solution, designed for existing eCommerce operators to expand their businesses to the next level, a virtual, multiple-level franchise chain.

  • Automatic retail-to-wholesale order processing on franchise/distributor sites
  • Automatic billing, tracking and commission management

The solution offers an enterprise level B2B & B2C application platform to the full power of our core CyberOffice components. Our system supports

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Product Lines
Shopping Cart
All-in-one online/offline ordering system + real-time payment & after-sales management
Warehouse Builder
Online store builder offering one database,  many storefronts with
own look and prices
Franchise Builder
Multi-vendor, multi-storefront B2B & B2C eCommerce solution 
Integrated with
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