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CyberOffice eCommerce Add-on Modules

At SmartWin, you will find the Solution that is all you need. And we mean it.

CyberOffice eCommerce has been customized for a variety of applications in targeted industries by many developers. Over these years, we ourselves have developed a number of such modules. These can be purchased from SmartWin as add-ons or as specialized versions to the standard programs.

Contact Us to arrange a demo if any of these popular modules interests you.

Details below...

Instant MP3 / Photo / DVD Digital Download Suite

A special version of CyberBuild has been developed to handle sales of instant digital downloads in additional to conventional merchandise. It is ideal for sales of any digital goods such as MP3 music, high-resolution photos, DVD movies, electronic books or manuals, etc. The software is so programmed that instant downloads will need real-time payment transactions, whereas physical goods can be processed off line or paid by money order or direct deposit.

The suite is designed to handle a large number of items, can be hosted on your own server with the latest MS SQL. The catalog is broken down by alphabets, and then either by Genres and/or Artists/Authors. Downloads and regular delivery can be offered on a same item. It can allow customers to specify additional notes on an item when ordering it. This is useful for example when someone orders a photo print. In short, it carries over all the standard features we have built in to CyberBuild over many years.

Click to view an online demo. While you are there, click on "Enter Shop Manager" => "Add Catalog Items" to see how the backend is handled fully via the Web interface.

Purchase: Contact us to get a full price quote or if you have any further questions.

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Full Level-2 Google Checkout Integration

Google offers buyers with Google accounts a quick checkout that can be integrated into an existing shopping cart. In essence, Google acts the agent that collects and processes the credit cards for you. This is good news for both existing or start-up eCommerce operators. For the former, you can you add a new "Google Checkout" button to your current shopping cart to increase your sales via the Google's brand power. For the latter, you can simply use Google to process the transaction for you, saving you the cost on setting up your own merchant account and payment gateway, not to mention the tremendous marketing values that Google offers. For more information visit Google Checkout.

SmartWin has implemented a start-of-the-art Level-2 integration of CyberShop with Google Checkout. It supports real-time shipping quotes upon checkout. Instant callback (from Google to CyberShop) allows coupon redemption while on Google. A backend callback protocol synchronizes a Google order with its replica on CyberShop, thus keeps the inventory on track. And finally, you manage all Google orders within the Shop Manager of CyberShop (such as process the charge, change order status, update tracking # etc).

SmartWin's Google Checkout integration, coupled with the Google Base Feed, Google sitemap XML and dynamic SEO pages for Google that are built-in to CyberBuild, offers a complete solution for marketing your eCommerce on Google.

Here is a live example site using the feature. It has also been integrated with our phone card software.

Purchase: Contact us if you have any further questions or you can click to order the add-on module.

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Real-time UPS, FedEx, USPS, & AusPost Shipping Rates

Real-time tntegration to UPS, FedEx, USPS, & Australia Post rates and service selection is available from SmartWin. The entire integration is hidden from customers. It is incorporated into CyberShop's shipping fee algorithm so that when e.g. a UPS method is selected, the shipping fee is obtained directly from UPS, in real-time. Other shipping methods can still be used, and controlled via the usual shipping fee manager. After placing an order, a customer can view his order status with a link to UPS delivery tracking page or with embedded up-to-date transit details extracted from FedEx.

The modules allow you add your own handling fees on top of fees returned from the carriers. The handling fees can be scaled with weight or order amount.

Preparation Work: To enable UPS, USPS, or FedEx in CyberShop,

  • You must pass the exact weight to CyberShop on every product. This is done by a hidden field named "BaseQuantity", and by default the unit of measure is pound (or gram for AusPost).
  • You must also register with to obtain a Developer's Key, then create an XML Access Key from that key.
  • For USPS, you need to get a pair of userid and password from USPS.Com (
  • For FedEx, you need a valid account # with valid address to start with. API Key and Password are also required for getting the transit details.
  • We will help install and configure the system onto your shopping cart.

Purchase: You can order the module(s) on our pricing page.

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Virtual Phone Card / Instant PIN Delivery System

The first out-of-box eCommerce system specialized for selling digital goods on the net.

CyberBuild is customized to facilitate an integrated, fully encrypted, and fully automated virtual phone card / calling card" selling machine. High degree of security, flexible payments (Credit Cards, PayPal or even Personal Checks!), varieties of automation options are the key to your success. This system is ideal for selling PIN numbers or any virtual / digital goods with instant Email Delivery.

Online Demo...

The phone card software has two versions: It can be either a standalone, phone-card specific Web site or an embedded add-on to a normal eCommerce Web site (running CyberBuild or CyberMall). The first version is ideal for selling a large number phone cards from various sources. As a result searching over the best calling rates to specific destinations is important for your customers. In the second version, you are likely selling GSM PINs, software PINs, one or a few cards. Probably, you will be the service provider behind the PINs. The Web site itself can also sell mobile phones, accessories, or any other merchandise.

Since online phone card business as a whole is classified as having the "highest risks on Internet fraudulence", it is sometimes difficult for a start-up to get a merchant account. While it might take awhile to resolve the issue, the tntegration of our software with PayPal Instant IPN fills in the gap nicely. Making a wise choice on the software is vital to the prosperity of your business. Going with a un-proven solution might actually get you hit by massive fraudulence.

Smartwin has had many years in eCommerce business. Our system is designed with maximum protection and prevention against internet fraudulence (for a PIN number, when it is gone it is gone!). More importantly, the level of security is achieved without loss of convenience for your customers. The system is encrypted, fully automated for a credit card payment that passes AVS (address verification) and CVV2 (new card number verification code) tests, but falls back to semi-automation for other payments. It also sets an upper daily limit (say $100) on full automation. Above the limit semi automation is triggered and the shop operator needs to issue the PIN numbers with a few clicks after examining the order. There are other options: 1) A maximum monthly spending on an account; 2) Semi-automation for First-time buyers; 3) Set a maximum number of times a customer can submit credit card numbers (to stop hackers from trying a list of stolen cards). All these are designed to prevent from massive credit card fraudulence.

SmartWin has helped a few clients in integrating our software fully with their VoIP gateway box. Many more user-friendly features can be introduced with this full integration. Should this interest you, let us know.

Purchase: You order the standard software licenses used by the package as the deposit (Shopping Cart + Warehouse Builder + Club) from the pricing page. The balance is paid upon completion of the installation of the entire system on your Web site. Contact us to get a full price quote or check it out here.

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eBay Auction Checkout Redirect Integration

Both CyberMall and CyberBuild provide you a hands-on tool to list special promotional products on to eBay. Simply follow the steps,

  • Shop Manager -> (Manage Catalogs) -> Edit Catalog -> Find the Item in question -> "Click to view how the item appears to customers". The same link also appears on the supplier upload page.
  • Use the "HTML Codes" link next to the Part Number field to generate HTML source codes for the product, which can then be copy-pasted on to the description field when you do eBay listing.

The description contains an "Add to Cart" button. It points back to the shopping cart on your site. With "eBay Checkout Redirect Integration" add-on (to CyberShop), the button is automatically enabled with the correct winning price when the auction is awarded.

The eBay add-on module can also be used standalone with CyberShop if you have listed your eBay items by other means. In this case, you can insert the HTML codes for the "Add to Cart" button on to an existing listing. The module gives you a tool to generate the codes (see demo). With that you can control both shipping fee and inventory in real time.

In the eBay's listing, under "Payment Instructions", you can further specify

  • Use the "Add to Cart" button on the description to checkout after winning the bid. Click on "Shipping Quote" for exact shipping charge delivered to your address.

Our eBay listing tool can save you a significant amount of cost with eBaying. For example, it loads unlimited number of images from your own site. It greatly reduces the management overhead by redirecting eBay sales back to the regular site, keeping the stocks under track. As a result, you also avoid paying third-party (e.g. PayPal) commissions.

Purchase: You can order the module from our pricing page.

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Wireless Markup Language (WML) Support

Internet enabled wireless hand-held devices such as cellular or mobile phones or barcode scanners can access eCommerce sites built on CyberOffice eCommerce. Stream-lined "mini" order form, built on top of WML (Wireless Markup Language) specifications, allows an end customer to

  • Logon to his account,
  • Scan or enter part numbers & quantities,
  • Specify / select a recipient,
  • Select a credit card or use corporate account,
  • Select a delivery method (with real-time shipping rate),
  • Proceed with real-time credit card transaction.

Alternatively, a salesperson can use it as a mobile payment solution to process real-time credit card transactions on field sales. It works with no special requirements on the equipment, free choices of payment service providers, plus the full benefits of our eCommerce platform.

The WML module maximizes the advantage of having detailed information pre-stored on the user's account. It also has built-in stock level monitoring, pricing matrix etc. Our implementation is based on Openware 4.1+ browsers. This covers nearly all currently active i-series models of cell / mobile phones on the market.

Wireless technology has a huge range of potentials on B2B applications. For example, an engineer can order urgent electric parts from a construction site. A warehouse manager can order low-stock merchandise with a click of barcode scanning. Just to name a couple.

Purchase: Contact us to arrange a working demo and get a full price quote, customized to your specification.

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User Profile Module for Push Marketing

If you are running a business that provides sales leads to potential consumers (buyers) or providers (sellers), we have this generic and powerful User Profile module which can be configured to meet your demands. It can be either added on to CyberMall or CyberBuild, or work as a standalone system. The module includes a built-in user rating and review system with which buyers can rate on sellers and vice versa (much like what eBay does). This ability is vital for the success of businesses involving multiple vendors like online auction.

The User Profile module is particularly useful if you employ some sort of push marketing strategy. The system can let a registered consumer specify what is wanted and the potential providers search on the requirements to identify the consumer and to initiate a contact. Our special technology can provide search for matches within a specified radius of a zip code (for the US only). As an example, online dating falls on to this "push" category.

The module is developed using a particular combination of CyberClub and CyberBuild in which the membership component provides a registration vehicle and the warehouse program provides the Web front and a means for the buyers (or sellers) to unload their information. The Web front allows controls over who can access what information or services. Both programs are customized to provide functions for User Profile related services.

Purchase: Contact us to get a full price quote. This is a custom built-to-order system. Part of the functions have now been standard features of CyberMall and CyberBuild.

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Real-time Scheduled Delivery & Service

If you are running a business that requires scheduled local service, booking or delivery such as a grocery store, carpet cleaning, or furniture moving etc., SmartWin has the answer for you. Typically you will have some service resources that fill in various time slots over say a period of two weeks in advance. A particular module has been developed to schedule the delivery / service from online orders / bookings. The back-end system automatically generates regular assignments on a set of time slots over an entire week (and say three weeks in advance). If a particular occasion comes up (such as a national holiday, or illness of personnel), the available assignments on each time slot can be adjusted manually (before it is exposed to the customers).

On the front end, at the checkout a customer can pick from a list of available time-slots for the delivery / service, over a two-week period (starting say the next day and if Sunday, moves it to Monday). An item can require to take up its own slot or share a slot with other items in the same order (A booking of a personal appointment will fall into the first category). When the order is finalized, the number of assignments on the picked time slot is reduced. Once it runs out, the time slot will be marked as unavailable.

Added to the system is the handling of difference between commercial clients and residential customers. They will see different time slots suitable to them. For example, commercial clients see time slots on larger scales, say from 9:00AM to 5:00PM weekdays. Whereas, a residential customer see finer time slots, and can include evening and weekend.

The delivery schedule is shopping mall readiness. Multiple merchants/service providers can schedule their own delivery / services independently.

Purchase: This is now part of standard CyberShop. Click to see a live action.

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Recurring Order Manager

In the pharmaceutical industry (or the like, e.g. some B2B applications where you know your customers), having a good recurring order system not only attracts returned customers (and keeps them in a loop) but provides satisfactory long-term services to them. A good system helps customers keeping track of their re-filling needs. SmartWin has such a system to offer. This will definitely give you huge advantages over your competitors who don't offer such a service, or whose service is not up to the level.

Our recurring order system meets your challenge: At the checkout, the customer is given an option to specify a recurring period for the order. The customer is also given chances to specify a recurring period and quantity on each item within the order after the purchase. This can be done right after the purchase or from the online status check page. Shipping fee and state tax are calculated automatically.

A customer who signs up an account can manage his recurring orders online. He/she can edit, add or remove items from a particular order, alter the recurring period, delete or create new orders. There is an interface to browse the entire catalog for the convenience of adding new items to an order. The customer can also update delivery and billing information. Finally, item prices are updated and the shipping fee and tax are re-calculated. This full blown management suite lets the customer re-organize their recurring orders, combine or split orders as desired. The shop administrator can use the same tool to re-organize the orders, in particular, to combine orders of the same period into one.

In the backend, recurring orders are kept under a special status. There is a batch tool to generate dispatching orders out of the recurring ones (say once per month or week). These orders then go through the payment gateway from the backend, and then are dispatched as normal ones.

Purchase: Contact us to get a full price quote and to see a working demo.

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Pricing Matrix Module & Profiled Account

The standard version of CyberBuild includes a powerful price markup facility to control pricing on each storefront via category, sub-category, down to individual product. The markup can be by percentage, by amount, or in fixed prices. Furthermore, it allows you to set package (volume discount) price and minimum order quantity for each product.

If that is not enough and you are working in a captive market, SmartWin has this Pricing Matrix Module for you. It lets you profile the pricing matrix on an individual account. This way, you control the prices based on the customers' performance (their order history etc.). The module comes with a convenient Web-based management suite. For example, copying over a pricing matrix from an existing account when a new account is created.

Purchase: Contact us to get a full price quote. This is a custom built-to-order system.

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MLM Affiliate Tracking & Management

This module extends the built-in affiliate tracking mechanism of CyberShop and CyberClub to become a multiple-level referral and commission tracking and management system, covering the so-called multiple-level marketing (MLM) applications. This custom-built module tracks arbitrary levels of referrals, presents the affiliate with real-time referral trees and commission payments. It can also enforce advanced rules such as commission roll over if sales target is missed. The system is coupled with real-time payment transactions and includes a convenient management suite.

Part of the functions have now been standard features of CyberMall and CyberBuild. In particular, CyberShop now tracks and reports 2nd tier commissions on the referral chains. This encourages affiliates to sign up next layer clients and earn commissions from sales to their clients' clients.

Purchase: Contact us to get a full price quote. This is a custom built-to-order system.

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Integration with Major B2B Portals

Working in conjunction with other synergetic organizations, SmartWin has developed an extended version of Franchise & Mall Builder that targets common B2B applications. This special product, CyberOffice Portal Builder (CyberPortal), is not intended for general public hence there is no trial version to download. Interested parties should contact us for more information and to arrange for a product demonstration.

CyberPortal contains many features that are designed for smooth B2B operations. In particular, it has interfaces to all the major B2B portals (e.g. to Ariba via PunchOut, to DoD Emall via external cart transfer, to Exostar or SAP via Round Trip). It also transfers orders via EDI specifications or secured emails, has direct interface to major accounting systems. Most importantly, it works with legacy systems and bring them online with minimal investments.

New integrations include EDI850, EDI855 & EDI810, Kiosk Display, PDA Display (Windows Mobile OS), Yahoo XML Order Export.

Purchase: Contact us to get further information.

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