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SmartWin CyberOffice eCommerce Support

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CyberOffice eCommerce Platform comes with comprehensive online references. They are located in the help folder of the integrated Shop Manager:- Click on "User Manual" on the top-left corner to browse. On most of the backend pages, there is a "Help" link next the to page title. The link goes straight to the relevant help references on the page in question. The references cover operational instructions plus some programming topics.

A current version of the online reference can be found on our demo site, You can view up-to-date information on any particular function/page.


Microsoft Web Server on your Desktop

All CyberOffice programs are server-side applications. They make sense only if you view the program pages through a Web server. And a particular type of Web server, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is required. As a result, you must need to look for a hosting service based on MS Windows OS to run our software. Unfornately, MS Servers are typically more expensive than a LINUX one since the hosting providers will need to pay licenses to Microsoft.

To evaluate the programs or develop your applications under a desktop workstation, you need to have Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS) installed and properly configured. PWS is a cut-down version of the full blown IIS, and is offered free from Microsoft. It comes with Windows 98 CD or Windows NT Option Pack. For latter versions of the operating system, it is either not supported (on Home Editions) or can be enabled from the Control Panel.

Click for more details on IIS/PWS....

Shared Server Hosting Installation

Many of our clients host CyberOffice eCommerce software on a shared server environment. In this case, you don't have control over every aspect of the server. It is thus highly recommended that you activate the "Triple-DES" encryption (on the admin page of each program) once the software is registered. This can most effectively protect your customers' privacy data such as credit card numbers.

Encrypting and protecting sensitive customer information is not just a good commercial practice, but required by eCommerce laws. This is done in our software by server-side DLLs which in turn call the enhanced Microsoft Cryptographic APIs. In any case the use of DLLs is the only plausible way of doing encryption under Microsoft Windows, regardless of the software you choose. Make absolutely no compromise on this if your hosting provider cannot register our DLLs, switch to another service that can or use a dedicated server or virtual dedicated server (VPS) of your own. The cost of a VPS has come down to match some shared hosting prices. And yet it allows you a complete control over the hosting environment.

The online user manual has a help page to guide you through "Shared Hosting Installation". Or you can find a current version here:

Hosting Service Provider: Please click to view a
Step-by-step Installation Procedure

If you are a first time user, the page provides in-depth information on configuring CyberOffice eCommerce components on a shared server. It also has answers to some common technical questions you might have with regard to our software and its installation.

CyberOffice eCommerce Development Guide

CyberOffice eCommerce Platform provides a generic framework that a Web developer can use to develop their own applications. We ourselves use it to develop complicated system like CyberOffice Franchise Builder. Many interfaces are by design, open for customizations. To further assist developers we also supply a Full Development Guide that peeks into the programming structures of the software. The Guide covers every detail from installation, development, testing, all the way to going live, for all of our eCommerce components.

Hopefully, when you run across a problem that does not seem to have an answer on our site, the Development Guide will be able to help you out...

Click to download / view PDF File...

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