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SmartWin Technology
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Certified shopping cart provider for PayPal Website payments Std. & Pro. Integration Full Level 2 Google Checkout Integration with Auto Shipping Fee and Coupon Redemption Certified shopping cart provider for Authorize.Net Support Verified by VISA & MasterCard Secured Code Integration Support Australia, UK, NZ payment gateway Support National Australia Bank payment gateway Support WestPac payment gateway for Australian businesses Support all versions of Microsoft SQL Server for high-end applications Support open-source MySQL databases for high-end applications Support PCI DSS certification on your Website

Internet Marketing (IM) & SEO

If you are reading this page, you are most likely to have tried and failed on one or all of the following methods
  • SEO Report which includes expert analysis, website assessment, SEO changes on your site. Well it helps to a limit extent for Google to pick up relevant words from your pages. But on highly sought after keywords your site is still way down to page 5 on the result listings. There are simply too many sites that have done the same and are ranked above you.

  • Traffic Booster which includes link building, DMOZ submission, blog commenting. These are dubious approaches. The inbound links you put on other poeple's sites (paid or via exchange) would disappear shortly afterwards, even before Google bots had a chance to crawl. The blog comments which you spent hours of "hard work" to generate were removed by the site admin the very next day.

  • Social Media which includes Facebook, Twitter etc. Yes you put a lot of efforts to create contents on these sites, only to find out visitors there were not interested in buying at all. Of course they are there to socialize with other lonely souls!

  • Keyword Ads which includes Adwords on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Sure, bidding on popular keywords works. But they came with a big budget and returning visitors were rare. The minute you stopped, the sales went free fall. In addition, if you ran campaigns on "contents networks", you would soon find out the money were taken as quickly as you alloate by malicious "profit generation" clicks.

  • Bulk Email Compaign as a desperate last resort. Although we don't know how effective this can be, we do know it is illegal. You should stay away from the practice. 

So you are searching for an SEO approach that actually works. And congratulations, you have found one of the very few here at SmartWin.


Risk Free
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Contact us first. We will show you face to face some successful sales that result from our IM services. When you are convinced, we have a business partnership.

Plan A
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We will build an SEO automation around your site and get paid from 10% commissions based on sales generated from the system.

Plan B
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Alternatively you can decide to take ownership of the system at any stage should you wish to stop paying comissions to us.

About our SEO Methodology

By now you should have learned that in order to rank high on Google search, you site must have a good Page Rank, that is in addition to having the words themselves found on your pages frequently. Furthermore, Google is believed to rank your site according to the inbound links from other sites, substract them with the outbound links away from your site. Knowing that, you would wonder why any site wants to link to you to lose their ranks, unless it is paid? Well Google explicitly forbids any paid links and would penalize on the practice.

The above is just a tip of the iceberg. Precisely how Google ranks a site is anyone's guess. Some are closer to the truth than others. How do we know that ours are less false? A long story cut short, it really comes to years of experiences, observations, and systematic experimenting . Google won't reveal its secret. Those who come closer to the truth won't either. So we stop short of publisizing our findings. Instead, we will incorporate the knowledge into services offered to you, our dear client and partner. Only a true understanding of how Google works can lead to effective and efficient search engine optimisations. It in turn leads to improved exposure of your business to the whole online world.

Our search engine optimisation methodology is built on top of our own eCommerce software, utilizing the "franchise " feature of CyberOffice Warehouse Builder . Together with some unique & advanced tools, we will build an automation of progressive search engine ranking improvements. Once it is set on, you will see your clickthrough rate picks up signficantly over a short period of time.

If different branches of sciences and knowledge are related, our design principle is similar to the metabolic network that feeds the growth of a biological cell. Imagine that cell is your business. This is why we refer our technology as an automation of progressive search engine optimisation, a truly unique concept. 

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Internet Marketing Services
Looking for an SEO service provider to progressively boost your Page Rank that actually works?

Web Management Services
Need a Web developer to improve your site or an admin to assist you managing your site?

Shopping Cart Software
All-in-one online/phone ordering system + real-time payment & after-sales management. Adds to an existing site with a few lines of codes.

Online Warehouse Builder
Got a large inventory and wanted to sell to different groups of customers? This database driven software handles every aspect of online sales. One database, many storefronts, & multiple prices.

Franchise & Mall Builder
Offers a way to expand your business to a multi-vendor, multi-storefront B2B & B2C shopping mall. Plus, franchise stores can run under their own domains.

Import from / Export to eBay sales & listing Import from / Export to sales & listing Import from / Export to QuickBooks for Inventory & Accouting Management Import from / Export to MYOB for Inventory & Accouting Management Support Ariba Punchout B2B integration Support UPS real-time shipping rates & services Integration Support FedEx real-time shipping rates & services Integration; real-time FedEx transit integration Support USPS real-time shipping rates & services Integration Support Australia Post shipping rates & services Integration