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Certified shopping cart provider for PayPal Website payments Std. & Pro. Integration Full Level 2 Google Checkout Integration with Auto Shipping Fee and Coupon Redemption Certified shopping cart provider for Authorize.Net Support Verified by VISA & MasterCard Secured Code Integration Support Australia, UK, NZ payment gateway Support National Australia Bank payment gateway Support WestPac payment gateway for Australian businesses Support all versions of Microsoft SQL Server for high-end applications Support open-source MySQL databases for high-end applications Support PCI DSS certification on your Website

SmartWin News Release & Product Updates

  • Sept. 10, 2011
    SmartWin Technology has started offering our unique Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to our existing clients as well as Websites using any third-party software.

  • Aug. 15, 2011
    Need a Web developer to improve your site or a Website admin to assist you managing your site? Our Website Management Services include daily task managements as well custom ASP, ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, XML, MS Access, WCF and MS SQL programming.

  • Mar. 20, 2011
    New instant keyword search feature added to CyberBuild and CyberMall. Click on our demo site or a live toys store to experience yourself. Also the zooming feature has added to the shopping cart page.

  • Feb. 14, 2011
    The third generation of search engine optimization (SEO) module has been included in the latest release of CyberBuild and CyberMall. The contents are now dynamically generated and include SEO URL and SEO meta tags, SEO user reviews. Click on our demo site or a live toys store to experience yourself.

    Jan. 30, 2011
    CyberShop now retains incomplete shopping cart contents under a customer's account permanently. Upon login next time, the contents will be recovered automatically to resume checkout. To add this feature to your site, you need to update the latest DLLs on your server. May need to hosting admin to perform the task for you.

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News Archives

Recent miscellaneous improvements on CyberOffice eCommerce Platform:

  • New state-of-the-art image zooming facility has been implemented in CyberBuild and CyberMall, see demo and a live site.
  • Use CyberShop to manager all your sales: You can now import orders from eBay and Amazon or other third-party channels into CyberShop for unified after sales management, such as shipping labels, accouting etc.
  • A social networking bookmark facility has been added to the product detail page of CyberBuild and CyberMall. This handy marketing tool can increase significantly your sales at no cost at all. Click to view demo.
  • CyberOffice Franchise & Mall now supports a "store locator": Customers can select Region/State => City/Suburb => Shop/Vendor to browse products only under the set criteria. Entries are automatically created when a new seller uploads products to the database. If a particular store is selected, the headings will change to reflect the selected store in question. Click here to view the demo site....
  • Just a quick note, CyberBuild product upload page now has an improved inventory level interface that allows you to specify the stock level for each combination of various product options. This is in turn displayed to the customers on the storefronts. Contact us to upgrade the software if you are in need of the new feature on your site for better inventory management.
  • A new email newsletter add-on module is now available to CyberClub. It streamlines the signup process with a couple of clicks. New members will get a custom-formatted welcome message with a link to manage their own subscription and the login process automated. Click to experience it yourself.
  • CyberBuild and CyberMall can now export more product feeds formatted specifically for submission to
    Google Base, Yahoo, Shopzilla, Shopping.Com, NexTag, Pricegrabber, & Channel Advisor. Additional feeds can be easily provided upon request.
  • CyberBuild can now automatically switch on member discount prices right after a member logins. The feature can be ideal if you plan to offer wholesale and/or reseller prices to different kind of customers. The markup can be global, category specific or down to individual items. You can even use the feature encourage a visitor to become a member. Try it out yourself on our demo site. Simply create an account and login, you will see the prices becomes 20% off!
  • A new customized version of CyberBuild has been developed to incorporate instant digital download sales + delivery of conventional merchandise, all in one. It is ideal for selling MP3 music or high quality photos DVD movies, electronic books or documents, on top of regular CDs, DVDs, picture frames, accessories, etc. Click for  more information...
  • Batch random coupon code generation based on a "root" coupon template has been added to CyberShop. This feature allows you to sell the secondary coupon codes as Gift Certificates or print them on promotional flyers for a trade show. You can in turn sell the gift certificates using our instant "PIN number" delivery module (with some extra cost).
  • State-of-the-art contents caching technology has been implemented on CyberBuild and CyberMall, allowing the application to sustain extreme heavy traffic and large databases with moderate increase in CPU usage (similar to what Google uses).
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithm. It now generates dynamic SEO friendly pages for every category, brand, sub-category, list of products and product details. The pages keep the same layout as the dynamic one and the integration is seamless for customers. See examples: Pay attention to the optimized titles and page URLs.
  • Full Google Analytics Integration on CyberBuild, CyberShop, & CyberMall tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site.
  • CyberShop now supports full PayPal Web Payments Pro integration. On this "professional" level of services from PayPal, a convenient Express Checkout for exising PayPal users as well as a standard payment process (customers never leave your site) are provided. And you can manage payment authorization, capture and refund from completely within CyberShop. To see it in action, place test order on our demo site.
  • Full Level-2 Google Checkout Integration allows seamless flows between CyberOffice Shopping Cart and Google eCommerce: You manage orders placed under Google Checkout from within CyberShop. Click for more information.
  • A number of New B2B integration and display modules are now available, including EDI 850 (Purchase Order), EDI 855 (Order Acknowledgment), EDI 810 (Invoice), Kiosk Display, PDA Display (Windows Mobile OS), Yahoo XML Order Export. These provide further fulfillment service integration with CyberOffice eCommerce. (Contact us for more information).
  • Centralized SQL query auditing against remote cross-site SQL injection attacks have been implemented in all CyberOffice eCommerce components. It covers built-in codes (in the DLLs) as well as custom codes added by third-party developers. Click to update the DLLs on your server.
  • Generic Instant PIN Number Delivery add-on to CyberBuild or CyberMall is now available, ideal for selling mobile phone PINs, software licenses, or self-issued calling cards.
  • Quick mailing list now accepts repeated sign-ups from the same email (in case the visitor forgot). And it will not reject a formal sign up during the checkout process (due to duplicate emails).
  • The loading speed of storefront pages under IE now matches the speed under Firefox, and both are much improved.
  • Added "Print Version" to list of results and improved the format on both the list and product detail pages to be cut-paste ready into your email newsletter program.
  • List of Messages on the message log system on all un-attended messages from members or customers.

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Need a Web developer to improve your site or an admin to assist you managing your site?

Shopping Cart Software
All-in-one online/phone ordering system + real-time payment & after-sales management. Adds to an existing site with a few lines of codes.

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Got a large inventory and wanted to sell to different groups of customers? This database driven software handles every aspect of online sales. One database, many storefronts, & multiple prices.

Franchise & Mall Builder
Offers a way to expand your business to a multi-vendor, multi-storefront B2B & B2C shopping mall. Plus, franchise stores can run under their own domains.

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