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SmartWin Technology
Carnegie VIC Australia

Intl.: (+61)3-9568-2565
Certified shopping cart provider for PayPal Website payments Std. & Pro. Integration Full Level 2 Google Checkout Integration with Auto Shipping Fee and Coupon Redemption Certified shopping cart provider for Authorize.Net Support Verified by VISA & MasterCard Secured Code Integration Support Australia, UK, NZ payment gateway Support National Australia Bank payment gateway Support WestPac payment gateway for Australian businesses Support all versions of Microsoft SQL Server for high-end applications Support open-source MySQL databases for high-end applications Support PCI DSS certification on your Website

Company Profile

We are located in the beautiful city of Melbourne , Australia. It is the world's most livable city and here the only grand slam open tennis championship in the southern hemisphere takes place every January (when it is freezing up in the north).

SmartWin Technology Pty Ltd (ABN: 89 088 513 731) is a software house that specializes in providing affordable, Adaptable, and complete e-commerce solutions for small to medium-size companies (now also major corporates). Founded in 1997, it currently has a large, on-demand pool of energetic programmers / Web designers worldwide who support the products (covering all the popular languages).

With its pioneering development work, SmartWin Technology was proudly invited to "Software and Technology Forum" sponsored by Ernst and Young (Australia, 2000). The forum represents around 30 emerging technologies in Australia. One of the products, CyberOffice Shopping Cart was awarded the 1999 Brother Business Software Award Finalist (Channel Nine Small Business Show).

Currently, SmartWin is actively pursuing opportunities to market it flagship CyberOffice eCommerce Platform

Development of CyberOffice eCommerce


SmartWin'sCyberOffice product line started with CyberOffice Shopping Cart in 1998. Microsoft IIS was chosen as the platform for speedy development and ease of customization by developers. ODBC is used so that new databases can be incoporated over times (so far it has supported MS Access, MS SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL. We look to include on Oracle). CyberShop is designed to work with any existing sites, any HTML authoring tools. It works as a component to provide such services. To link a product to CyberShop, users simply add a buy button on any page (a few lines of codes with simple syntax).

A set of core functions are condensed into a DLL, which we maintain and update to provide bug fixes and new functionality. The front-end pages (that customers see) are open to customizations. Custom fields and new functionality can be freely added. Over times advanced functions such as coupon discount and gift certificate, affiliate tracking and reporting tool, real-time inventory, batch import/export, interface to accounting software, integration with major shopping portals, paid download, real-time shipping modules, and tens of payment gateways are added, without or with minimum changes to the front-end.

Credit card information (if stored on site) is protected with triple-DES encryption. The same applies to all other sensitive security information. This complies with PCI standards set out by banks and payment gateways. The shop manager can also take offline (e.g. phone) orders for existing or new customers at ease. We are aiming to provide total business solution

CyberShop is probably one of the most powerful shopping cart programs in terms of its capacity. All the features have been requested from the users. They are practical, useful and user-friendly. Our design philosophy is "intuition" and "instinct". Shop owners and their customers must not be required to think or resort to "User Guide" or assistance before they can operate the software.


As CyberShop gained popularity, we were under pressure to provide a database driven catalog builder, to compliment with the shopping cart. We did this in two steps. Firstly add a built-in product database and search facility to CyberShop. Users (who design the sites) can add it with an idiot-proof one-line coding. We then devoted most of the efforts to build an industrial strength, a turnkey system that has the scalability to handle millions of products at ease.

One of our first clients was a computer wholesaler with some 70 loosely-bounded retailer outlets The wholesaler wanted to build an online catalog not just for themselves, but to the benefit of the entire retail chain. These retailers would not have to compete each other on prices. Hence here came the Franchise Virtual Warehouse business concept, one centralized database, any number of storefronts, with its own pricing control and and customer database. A unique technology was employed so that the storefronts can reside under any platform, any server. They are simple HTML pages with dynamic contents generated by JavaScripts querying the central database. When promoting certain products the central server can push advertising contents throughout the storefronts. On the other hand, the storefronts can look as distinct as one likes. CyberBuild offeres a development tool with full documentation for developers to build their own systems.

Inspired again by a client's requirement for a parts industry, a further development (which became CyberMall) lets the central administrator maintain a set of common products, and yet each participating vendor (or merchant) can set their prices or upload additional products. the vendor/merchant can open a franchise storefront showing only their products / selections. Being just an out-of-box product that explores the power of CyberBuild and its companions, CyberMall is unprecedented. It had taken a long, three hard years time to improve the usability and coherence of the integrated system. We are very pleased to what it can do for our clients.


As an add-on to CyberBuild and CyberShop, CyberClub is a membership module that keeps track of both customers and merchants. In addition to provide a means of authentication for the two components, CyberClub comes with standard membership functions such as bulletin board, newsletter, and self-update etc. With the addition of CyberClub, CyberShop can now target individual customers, which introduces functions such as loyalty reward points, corporate account credit etc. On CyberBuild, it can be used to set up different pricing levels for different groups. For a captive market, it can be used to impose the pricing matrix down to individual customers.

CyberClub also works on its own merits. It provides membership subscription services, real-time auto renewal, paid views to restricted area or documents, file download/upload etc.

The Future

Our design philosophy is universality, customizability, scalability and reliability. Great software takes times to improve. And the programs become more and more mature with every release over the last TEN years. We are very proud that SmartWin's CyberOffice eCommerce Platform has being gaining the popularity and is widely used by thousands of organizations across all major languages.

Your success is OUR goal. You might start small (so were we), SmartWin offers you the PATH to the far reaching destiny you can dream of. So do join us.

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