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CyberOffice eCommerce Software Pros & Cons

- To those who need a side-by-side comparison between CyberOffice and other programs.
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Why pick CyberOffice eCommerce over other seamlessly same products with similar functionality?

We would like to stress that the Triple-DES encryption built-in to CyberOffice eCommerce platform, which will run on your own server,  is not merely a good practice but also an encryption strength required by banks and laws, a point to be highlighted below.

You may be an experienced eCommerce developer or have searched extensively for an off-the-shelf solution,  the following comparison on CyberOffice vs. the Average Products out there should help you make the decision that you will not regret years down the track.

The information presented below reflects our generous views on the present status of typical eCommerce software for the SME market. Much is based on the feedback from the our clients and support partners.

CyberOffice eCommerce Platform 2000
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osCommerce vs CyberShop and Combined
You might have come across or are familiar with osCommerce, the most popular open-source eCommerce software. We ourselves took a thorough study of the system and came up with a combined package, OSCyberShop Site Builder Add-On, where you can find a detailed, business oriented comparision of the two systems. Here is a site using the package, oscybershop.gif (4071 bytes)
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10 Points that affect your eCommerce
No. Topic CyberOffice eCommerce Average Similar Products
1 COM Object vs. Source Codes Each program contains a COM object (i.e DLL) that centralizes core functions common to all business requirements (e.g. email). Offer unlimited free upgrade without even a touch on your pages. Many offer source codes that you cannot test without paying first. Worse, it is hard to upgrade or fix bugs in the codes. Will have to pay service fees for every request.
2 Programming Requirement Ready-to-go ASP pages to accommodate your full eCommerce needs. Either adopt these pages as they are, or customize their appearance to fit your theme. No ASP/COM object programming is required. Simple HTML experience is more than enough. Vendors using COM object approach often just document the methods and properties, with some over-simplified samples. You would have to build your own application from scratch. Extensive programming knowledge is a prerequisite.
3 Database Support Support high-end MS SQL, less expensive Sybase Adaptive SQL (only 1/4 cost of MS SQL), and open-source MySQL (free), in addition to all versions of MS Access. ODBC and OLE-DB compliant. Limited to MS Access or MySQL. Often require extra fees to upgrade to high-end MS SQL Server. Few support alternative databases.

Many programs merely generate static HTML pages on local PCs and upload them to live site. This kind of offline solutions have no real-time database support.

4 Payment Gateway Have an open interface for any payment gateway. Shipped with tens of pre-built integration. Your choice of the most economic/convenient one to use. Limited range of choices, often tied to a specific gateway or even specific server to rip you off. Few have choices of your own. Many require hosting under the vendors' server.  This applies in particular to all those offline shopping cart programs.
5 International Language Market Universal language capability, 100% customizable to your own language. Time-zone, date format and currency format adjustment. built-in Dual currency. Most are English only, often limited to the US market. Extra cost for non-English versions.
6 Scalability & Extensibility Proven track record to handle over 2.3 millions of products, 20,000  orders without loss of speed. Centralized database, Multiple vendors, franchise storefronts with own pricing. No fixed templates. Fully extensible. Pure HTML pages for storefronts. Most are non-scalable. Would not work well for a large number of products (say over 10,000). No migration path. Single storefront oriented. Fixed templates or templates embedded with scripting codes (of ASP, PHP, CFM types) that are hard to modify.
7 Data Encryption Industrial strength Triple-DES encryption for a robust second layer protection against hacker gaining access to your server. A must feature under a shared server environment.  Few provide encryption protection (or encryption key exposed explicitly) especially for those source code versions of eCommerce software. Ability limited by design.
8 Advanced eCommerce Functions Coupon, e-product (e.g. e-Books, phone card PIN), loyalty rewards, affiliate tracking, status-variant emails, accounting software linkage. corporate account, order history lookup, real-time Inventory, real-time shipping fee, member subscription, member discount, paid view, auction builder, message log, and much more. These advanced functions are rarely covered by most out-of-the-box eCommerce software. Or they often require extra fees. e.g. WebGenie.
9 Backend Management Full, encrypted backend Web-based management, plus programmable interface to other applications, such as your in-house business system. Batch Import/export facility. Some CGI or Perl based eCommerce systems do not have proper Web-based management. Lack of interface to other systems is a common problem.
10 Customer Service Live voice-over-IP customer support. Unlimited, fast-response product support. Fees are generally required for phone support. Slow email support response.
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Solutions offered by our Competitors

Here is a partial list of eCommerce software solutions offered by our competitors. These programs are used in the above comparison. We provide links to their sites for you convenience of research.

For a complete review of shopping carts on the markets, see The Shopping Cart Reports   by Dr. Wilson.

In general CyberOffice eCommerce Platform has been much appreciated in the market. There appears to be only one major hurdle:

The programs require Windows NT (or 2000 or 2003) Sever hosting and the use of third-party DLLs (i.e. ours) must be permitted by the system admin of the server. However, this requirement is tied to the Point No. 7 highlighted above, and is required by laws now. 

Contact your hosting provider or click for more information.

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