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CyberOffice Communicator (CyberComm)

- Bring personalized services back to the Web.
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About the Program

CyberOffice Communicator (CyberCommunicator, formerly "SmartWin CyberOffice") is a human interactive online office suite that runs a mini-Web server on your desktop PC. It is a patented (in Australia) dynamic PC Web networking and communication technology with built-in browser-based voice over IP facility.

The entire system consists of two parts: a server-side engine and groups of CyberCommunicator clients running on participating desktop PCs. Each group forms a call center. As soon as a customer click on a "Live Support" icon on a Web site using the program, he is guided by the server-side engine (located on an independent Web server) to an online operator of the particular call center in question. The subsequent communications are entirely between the two parties. The technology may open up an entire new dimension of Web-based eCommerce with human involvement (yet to be fully explored).

Client PC System Requirements 

A PC running Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP with at least a Pentium processor, 100M free hard disk space, 32M RAM and at least 33.6 kbps Modem for Internet connection, optionally with a sound card, speakers, and a microphone to facilitate the full multimedia features.

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How CyberCommunicator is used

A main application of the technology, as used by many organizations, is to provide 100% anonymous or guided browser based live customer services / call centers over the Web. The program has a voice-over-IP component that adopts the same compression algorithm as used by mobile phones.

By "guided", we mean it knows how to route a request on a particular item to a designated operator. Complex relationships, between various support vendors, in many different locations, can be seamlessly offered to Web users, who simply click on some properly embedded 'buttons' on the Web pages.

CyberCommunicator can be also used to facilitate flexible intranet and extranet systems for any purposes. It does text chat, file transfer, browser redirection, voice chat, and is expandable to other means such as video transmissions etc. The whole protocol is based on the standard HTTP specifications.

Full-version Download! | Technical Information

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CyberCommunicator Engine

CyberCommunicator Engine is the server-side technology of the CyberOffice Communicator system, which manages an entire block of Web space, namely the CyberOffice Network. It provides a permanent virtual address for each CyberCommunicator client (i.e. operator on a desktop computer), and delivers Web visitors right to the operator. In short CyberCommunicator Engine extends the  permanent Web site to your desktop, making your everyday PC the vital part of the bigger picture of your eCommerce strategy. CyberCommunicator Engine can be integrated with CyberOffice Shopping Cart to provide a central shopping cart service to individual members on the CyberOffice Network.

This server-side software, code name CyberServe, requires Windows NT/2000/2003 Server and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7, 2000. It comes with a companion CyberCommunicator Server management program, code name CyberMan.

Contact Us for licensing our CyberCommunicator serve-side technology. The price starts from US$990 with 5 seats of CyberCommunicator clients and includes full SQL Server installation. Additional client seats and on-going maintenance are available and negotiable.

Our Services

For an individual member who just wishes to use the CyberCommunicator functions mentioned above, simply Sign Up with SmartWin for the following benefits:

  • Instant Live Contact/Support button on your Web site;
  • Instant (second) Web site right on your desktop PC with absolutely no limits;
  • CyberOffice Shopping Cart (real-time access to shopping orders) and eCommerce Consulting on the business plan;
  • New and powerful CyberOffice Network traffic to your Web site;
  • A full set of direct, Web-based human interactive channels bypassing any third parties;

CyberCommunicator system is specially designed and fully equipped to facilitate corporate Call centers with no infrastructure changes. In particular, it is transparent to and caters for firewalls on corporate networks.

Many of our customers simply signup to test the call center facility before implementing their own CyberCommunicator Engine.

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