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CyberOffice Shopping Cart

An all-in-one online/offline shopping cart software for your business, with real-time inventory, shipping quote, and payment.
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About the Program

CyberOffice Shopping Cart (CyberShop) offers a complete, database-driven online/offline ordering system. It does the job on site, in real-time. Web authors simply add a few lines of HTML codes either manually or programmatically to any Web pages on which there are items to sell (either physical or digital goods). When a visitor clicks on the "Add Item" button, the product is added to and displayed in the shopping cart. From there CyberShop takes on and does virtually everything for you. CyberShop is fully flexible on the storefront page layout, use any of your own template or the companion Warehouse Builder does it for you.

CyberShop comes with a multiple-user, on-site Shop Manager. Sensitive information like credit card numbers is stored in Triple-DES encryption with randomly-generated and secret password. This meets the requirements by merchant banks and recently imposed commercial laws in the US (in case you haven't realized the importance of encryption).  Stock information, along with product details can be batch-loaded on to the site. They are displayed to the customers automatically on the storefront. When an item is out-of-stock, it can optionally display the re-stocking information to keep the customers in the loop.

CyberShop's checkout pages incorporate many error handling and automation procedures to ensure that all information collected and presented is 100% accurate. The procedures are based on our years of practical experiences. Shipping fee on a total order, either via pre-set rules by the shop owner or linkage to the real-time services of UPS or USPS is calculated automatically. State tax, country state, or county tax (zip-code dependent) is added automatically when it is applicable. The checkout then links to the a payment gateway of your choice. Some popular ones are Authorize.Net, VeriSign, Bank of America, or PayPal.

CyberShop allows you to take ad hoc offline orders (e.g. phone order or shop order) and enter the information directly on to the Shop Manager, which many of our clients found to be useful in maintaining the stock information. The offline ordering facility does customer and inventory lookup and allows shop owner  to process the credit card transactions from within the shop manager.

CyberShop meets your special requirements. It does real-time delivery schedule if you are targeting local service market. It handles real-time PIN number delivery (via email) with high-level anti-fraudulence measures. And it can be translated 100% to any languages, uses any currencies.

CyberShop keeps all the orders in the database and looks after customers in every possible way. Shop owner  emails order status update to the customers at every stage of the order process. For every email, you can define and attach a status-dependent email message to inform the  customer.  It allows customers to track in real-time the shipping status with all the major carriers.

Since many CyberShop clients get hundreds of orders daily, the software has many batch automation facilities to help shop owners manage the backend operations efficiently and help reduce possible human errors. These include batch emails, batch invoice and shipping label printing, QuickBooks integration and many more.

CyberShop has also incorporated numerous advanced marketing tools, such as coupon discount, volume discount, abandoned shopping cart follow-up, loyalty reward, affiliate and referral tracking, auto link exchange, newsletter, bulletin board etc.

Being one of the first shopping cart developers on the net, we try hard to stay ahead of the game  You would like to use a solution that has a proven track record. Yes, Cybershop is robust and scalable as it stands. The chance that you couldn't find a useful feature that you need (and appears on our competitors' programs) is fairly remote. In case this happened to you, please contact us. We will point you to the right area. If still no luck, we will add the feature just for you!

With SmartWin Technology, we offer you a migration path to infinitely expand your business. If you are to upgrade existing sales channels, look no further than CyberOffice Franchise Builder, your #1 choice of the next generation eBusiness. 

Read on or Click to browse the Online Demo, or see a List of live exemplary sites...

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Unique Features

CyberShop is quite unique among the vast number of shopping carts that you can find on the Internet. If you have browsed the Internet to find a shopping cart program, here is a list of important features that you should NOT have missed before determine the right program for you:

  • Pre-configured, built-in support for Instant Payment Notification (IPN) on PayPal.
  • Ready to use. Simply take the sample page and make it yours.
  • Idiot-proof, one-line coding to create dynamic product and search pages.
  • Full flexibility of customization, via an HTML editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.
  • Unique affiliate tracking and reporting system.
  • Built-in multiple level volume discount scheme for any product.
  • Unlimited number of Wish Lists to store and retrieve.
  • Dual currency presentation and conversion for non US countries.
  • Allow any number of custom fields.
  • Advanced features such as coupon promotion, paid download, corporate account, real-time inventory, loyalty reward, affiliate tracking, status-variant emails.
  • Custom invoice and interface to in-house accounting systems.
  • Time Zone, Date-time format adjustments for non-US sites hosting under US.
  • Built-in Industrial strength triple-DES encryption algorithm (required by banks and laws).
  • Built-in capturing, follow-up and recovery on abandoned shopping orders.
  • Real-time UPS and USPS Shipping Rates and Service Integration (as add-ons).
  • Instant service/delivery schedule integration.
  • Offline order entry facility for taking phone orders, with real-time inventory and customer recall mechanism. Ability to invoice customers within Shop Manager and have them paid online.
  • Universal language capability (customizable to Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese...)

None of these features can be easily found on any other shopping cart programs. If that is not enough for you, then there are the companion programs and add-ons to CyberShop,

CyberOffice Warehouse Builder | CyberOffice Franchise Builder  |  Specials & Add-ons

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Functional Summary

The full list of functions gets longer and longer. The best way to find out everything about the program is to test the program under IIS or Microsoft Personal Web Server, or simply this demo site

We try to list some of the prominent features here (though it's getting longer as well!):

  • Instant service schedule for local delivery / booking / appointment.
  • Built-in multiple level volume discount pricing matrix for any product.
  • Built-in abandoned shopping order capturing, follow-up, and recovery.
  • Online status check links to real-time DHL, UPS, FedEx, AIRBORNE delivery tracking.
  • Real-time UPS & USPS Shipping Rate (as add-on to CyberShop)
  • Accepts real-time Electronic Check.
  • Triple-DES encryption on credit card and sensitive data.
  • Automatic, status-variant email respondent and order status updates;
  • State-of-the-art affiliate tracking and reporting system;
  • Universal dual currency conversion and presentation;
  • 'Wish List' to keep track of pre-purchase shopping lists;
  • Live on-site order status check;
  • Real-time secure payment via Authorize.Net, PayPal, VeriSign, and many more + custom payment integration (see partners page);
  • Real-time paid download of protected files/programs (or PIN numbe emailing);
  • Membership Login + corporate account + auto credit card number for repeated customers;
  • Global shipping fees and state/country/GST tax configuration;
  • Configurable local Surcharge Rates that depend on zip codes (on top of state taxes);
  • Multiple-round quote-first-pay-later ordering process;
  • Multiple user on-site shop management and invoicing;
  • MS SQL Server version 7.0/2000, MS Access 97/2000/2002, MySQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server compatible;
  • Universal data export to any accounting packages, integrated with QuickBooks & MYOB;
  • Integrated coupon discount dedicated to online promotions;
  • Tax On/Off for import/export/state tax exempt items;
  • Real-time stock level monitoring and inventory management.
  • Custom databases fields, and third party shipping fee (e.g. UPS & USPS) components.
  • Custom Message Editor for 100% universal language supports.
  • Build-in backup/restore facility on individual orders.
  • Complete online reference and
  • Live voice-over-IP customer support.

Product History | Full-version Download!  |  Pros & Cons  |  Price & Order

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System Information: Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 or above, MS SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000 or MS Access 97, 2000, 2002. Also support Sybase Adaptive Server, MySQL Server.

Here is a quick way to implement CyberShop,

  1. Download the program and run the setup on your PC.
  2. Install Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS) on your PC to test it (optional).
    Note that you must install PWS on your desktop computer to try the software.
  3. Following the Shared Server Installation Guide to upload to your Web site.
  4. Add products on to your shopping pages (cf. sample page).

CyberShop is ideal if you already have some Web pages and need just a cart to take orders. CyberShop also builds simple storefronts and the companion programs can build more sophisticated ones.

Consult our Help Desk for more information...

Experienced developers can take the advantage of the ASP interfaces exposed by the program and customize them any way you want. Consult the online reference or the CyberOffice eCommerce Development Guide for more details.

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